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Create without effort and programming skillstheir own pictures gallery for the Web
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28 August 2014

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     With Picture2Web you can create a web picture gallery in minutes. The image formats supported by Picture2Web are jpeg, gif, bmp and png.
     In Picture2Web you can choose from 12 different layouts, or even design your own custom layout to give your gallery that special look. Some of its features include a built-in banner rotation engine which allows you to have unlimited banners. Also, single click solution for creating a gallery, no limit to number of galleries support for jpeg, gif and bmp images, choose from 12 layouts for thumbnails or design your own option for extra text (including META tags and JavaScript), full control over html colors, thumbnails can be linked to html pages or directly to images select (or not) which navigation bars to show full control for navigation buttons, convert all non-jpeg images to jpeg format with one click, resize all large images with one click.
     Picture2Web is a very convenient tool, which can be very useful for everyone.

Publisher's description

create without effort and programming skills
their own pictures gallery for the Web .
The gallery is automatically sorted by landscape and portrait format.
All images are converted to aine designated size .
The formats " GIF ", " PNG ", " JPG ", " BMP" support .
All images are automatically adjusted to the screen size( The size can be set as a percentage of the screen size) .
If exif data are available , the images are automatically rotated.
For each image, a title and a description can be entered.
image protection
Protect yout images against image-theft and Deeplinking
All functions are controlled.
Many functions also ar available as random function.
All images are divided into 9 portions and stored in a non-standard format for images .
In each image , a watermark (copyright) is Intergrated , download the position and orientation is either for all images ( portrait and landscape format separately ) or adjustable separately for each image.
All images are overlaid by a dursichtiges image , making it difficult to download them .
When you open the image files on a PC is only a copyright displayed.
When you press the button ( Print Screen ) is a warning about legal consequences
the unauthorized retransmission displayed.
The images can be sorted ascending/descending descending odwer name on/filtered by date .
The header of each file has its own navigation or headline can additionally (own files needed) are displayed
For each file, a footer ( footer) can be displayed (own files required).
Version 1.0
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